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Code Size Price Class Packaging
520200 3/4” x Ø16 74,88 € TI 1 / 6
520201 3/4” x Ø20 74,88 € TI 1 / 6

POLIFEMO - Dosatore di polifosfati e silicati

BRIX is an acid condensate neutralizer to be installed downstream of the condensate drain of condensing boilers.

In fact, condensing boilers can recover heat by condensing the combustion gases before they are expelled. The resulting condensate, however, has a very low (acid) pH because of the carbon dioxide produced during combustion thus is very corrosive and potentially dangerous for the domestic sewage network.

Thanks to the presence of BRIX, the acid condensate from the boiler passes through the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) charge which neutralizes it. The condensate pH rises (pH> 6), thus allowing to discharge the fluid safely.